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Are you freaking out about having twins, triplets or quads?

Does the thought of having more than one baby at once cripple you with fear or leave you feeling completely overwhelmed?

Are comments from your ‘well intended’ family and friends compounding your anxiety?

You're not alone – the truth is having multiples can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your life, BUT you need to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Double Happiness Multiplied – What You Need to Know About Having Twins, Triplets, & Quads is the complete guide to enjoying your multiple pregnancy and building a happy, healthy family life.

Written by journalist, podcaster, and mother of twins Sally Barker, Double Happiness Multiplied is a comprehensive go-to-guide that will answer all your questions about how to happily carry and care for your babies and yourself!

You will discover how to tackle the challenges of having multiples through real-life stories of parents who’ve been there before you, along with advice from leading multiple births medical experts, psychologists, infant sleep specialists, and relationship experts.

"When our OB/GYN told us we were pregnant with twins we already had two toddlers at home, so our time was limited. We needed the facts ... and quick!

Double Happiness Multiplied is the perfect solution for busy parents-to-be wanting to know what to expect with their little bundles of joy.

I really appreciate the illustrations explaining exactly how multiples are conceived and continue to grow within the womb and after birth. It's not only helpful for parents, but the figures can also help educate your children once they are older and want to know, "Mommy, where did we come from?"

As a parent of twins, Sally does a great job of asking the experts questions most moms and dads want to know.

There can be many challenges when you're pregnant with multiples and merging stories from real parents alongside the medical explanations helps families personally relate to these conditions so they're better prepared."


~Sunny Gault
– Twin Mum & Founder and Network Director of Parents On-Demand Network~

It’s no secret that multiple pregnancies come with challenges, because they are very different from singletons, and Double Happiness Multiplied has been developed to be your new best friend every step of the way.

Packed with proven tips and strategies shared by families with multiples, and up-to-date expert medical advice from multiple births specialists Double Happiness Multiplied will explain:

➡️Everything you need to know about the different types of multiples,

➡️What questions to ask when you meet with specialists during your pregnancy and after the birth,

➡️How often you need to see your multiple births specialist,

➡️Unique medical challenges that come with a multiple pregnancy,

➡️Strategies for coping with gestational diabetes to keep your babies inutero longer,

➡️How to protect your relationship with your spouse,

➡️How to relieve the everyday pressures of life with multiples,

➡️Successful strategies for setting up great sleep patterns and routines,

➡️Diagnosing and dealing with postnatal depression in families with multiples,

➡️Where to find all the support you need,

➡️And much, much more!

If you want a book full of expert advice, real-life stories “from the trenches,” and a full embrace of all the wonders multiples bring to your life, then you’ll love Sally Barker’s life-changing book.