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Sally Barker – Hypnotherapist, Postpartum Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, and Educator on the Topic of Multiple Births.

With a background as a newsreader, reporter, and journalist Sally has a knack for gathering knowledge, uncovering the truth, and presenting information in a way that connects with her audience, but she never imagined she would be reporting on how to manage life with multiples.

When Sally first discovered she was pregnant she went into shock, she wasn’t planning on becoming a mum at the time, and she certainly wasn’t expecting a diagnosis of identical twins with ‘complications.’

As a journalist, Sally was used to reporting on stories of hardship and challenges; however, she never imaged she would become the centre of her own horror story.

The lack of information about what to expect, how to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally and even how to cope with life during and after the pregnancy left Sally feeling anxious, alone, and completely overwhelmed.

When timely medical intervention prevented her babies from being born at 24-weeks’ gestation, Sally started reading every pregnancy book she could get her hands on, but none of them gave her the blend of medical research, personal anecdotes, and easy to understand information about multiples she needed.

Thankfully Sally’s journalistic instincts kicked in and she embarked on a mission to become empowered and educated. It soon became clear that a resource to fill the gap in providing the last research and inside information from the experts about how to prepare and manage with the shock of having multiples was needed.

After her babies arrived at 28-weeks’ gestation, they spent almost three months in the neonatal intensive care unit where there were no guarantees they would survive. All this coupled with an operation for one of the twins shortly after arriving home from NICU, Sally felt completely traumatised. What she imagined becoming a mum would be like was nothing like she expected. She battled anxiety, depression, feelings of guilt, shame, perceived judgement from others, and failure as a woman.

It was during this time and the months that followed; however, Sally was making plans to create the resources that were lacking, which she feels would have helped reduce the trauma she experienced.

She met with Obstetricians, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists, Multiple Births Experts, Neonatal Intensive Consultants, Care Critical Care Specialists, a Diabetes Educator, Infant Sleep Consultants, a number of Mental Health experts, and parents of multiples on a quest for knowledge.

Sally has compiled all her research and interviews in the book Double Happiness Multiplied – What You need to know about having Twins, Triplets, and Quads. Along with the podcast Double Happiness Multiplied – The Complete Guide to Enjoying Your Multiple Pregnancy & Building a Happy, Healthy Family Life, and educational programs for midwives, professionals with an interest in multiple births, and expecting parents.

She also embarked on a personal journey of healing and learning all about the incredible effects meditation and hypnotherapy have on the body and mind as tools to create happiness beyond the emotional trauma experienced during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Armed with all this knowledge, education, and strong connections with an array of experts Sally empowers women to speak up during pregnancy and after birth. She is passionate about guiding her private coaching clients on their healing journey through her 1:1 and group programs.

Connect with other mums as we support, encourage, and empower you to speak up during your pregnancy and lean into healing from pregnancy & birth trauma.

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