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Hi, I’m Sally Barker. I’m a  Hypnotherapist, Podcaster, Author, and Educator on the topic of multiple births.

First and foremost, though, I’m the proud Mamma of identical twin girls.

Like most people, I spent many years honing my skills and building a career. From sourcing, editing, and presenting primetime radio news, to holding the fort as the Rural and Resources Reporter for ABC Radio in the northwest of W.A., and stepping it up a notch as a Senior Television Reporter for Channel 7 Perth, Ten Eyewitness News, 9 News Perth, and the state-wide Golden West News, let’s just say the journey has been enriching and at times heartbreaking.

A baby! What am I going to do with a baby?

Not long after leaving the sweet red dirt of the Pilbara a new challenge came to pass. Parenthood. And, I was blessed with not one bundle of joy, but two. Twins. It was crazy. I didn’t realise I was pregnant until around 10 or 11-weeks’ gestation and the thought of having a baby was completely overwhelming. You see, I’m Aunty Sall – to everyone’s kids -  not Mumma. All I could think was, “what am I going to do with a baby?”

Well, you can imagine how that feeling snowballed when at 12-weeks my OB calmly announced I was having twins. Arrrgghhh. I had only just absorbed the information that there would be two babies when I was told they were identical, which meant they were high risk.

As a result of the diagnosis, talk of finding membranes and zygosity consumed the next few weeks, until that fine divider between the babies was found and I could breathe a little bit easier. Listen to this episode of the podcast to hear why finding the tiny membrane was so important.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long and the girls arrived at 28-weeks’ gestation. My empathetic nature collided with my journalistic skills and the seed was planted to write a book to help others in the same or similar situation.

Double Happiness Multiplied

I have pulled together my journalism, broadcast, coaching, hypnotherapy, and life skills to bring you not only a series of books*, but also a podcast, blog, and the Facebook group The Pregnancy & Birth Trauma Healing Lounge.

Through all this, I am honoured to work 1:1 with women as they lean into healing from pregnancy and birth trauma.

My purpose here is to support, guide, and nurture you and your family as you live the life you were created to live.

Much Love💕

SallyB ✨🌸


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