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Postnatal Anger – Why no-one is talking about it.

Research from the University of British Columbia (UBC) suggests that women in the postnatal (postpartum) period should be screened for anger as well as depression and anxiety. We’ve all taken the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression test following the birth of our babies and although anger is recognised as an element of postnatal mood disturbances, it isn’t…

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STOP Comparing your Pregnancy or Birth Trauma

It’s Time to Give Yourself Permission to Heal. What is trauma? And, how do you know if you’ve experienced trauma? Is there a certain line that determines what trauma is or isn’t? Well, to use the words of Panjat Deshpande; “Trauma is in the eye of the beholder.” What this means is that trauma is…

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Ain’t Nothing But A Teen Thang!

It’s true, you know. What they say about the pre-teen years or as they’ve been so eloquently coined ‘Tweens’. They still love to snuggle up to mumma and run to the school gate at pick up to give you a hug after a hard day at the books. They’re incredibly helpful around the house, so…

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Guidance on How To Heal after the Loss of a Twin

  The excitement of finding out you’re carrying twins, triplets, or quads can quickly turn to overwhelm when the possibility of developing complications in your pregnancy arise. And, if you’re a first-time parent you have no yardstick to measure against, which may be a positive as having multiples is very different from having a singleton.…

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