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Everything you need to know about having Twins, Triplets, & Quads.

Welcome, mammas and pappas of multiples!

🌺Are you crippled with fear at the prospect of having twins, triplets, or quads?✨

💎Have comments from friends or family only compounded your anxiety?💜

💫Do you have babies, toddlers, or older multiples and feel like you're holding on to unresolved pregnancy and birth trauma?🌸

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because that was me, too.

Let’s be honest, you were shocked to hear you’re having twins, triplets, or quads, right? Naturally, you jumped online to find out what the heck to do with more than one baby.

It’s no secret that, the common problems associated with multiple pregnancies are very different than with singletons. That’s why Double Happiness Multiplied was created, as the go-to resource for all your questions about carrying and caring for multiples.

Not only that, there are thousands of women who are suffering from unresolved pregnancy and birth trauma, which is negatively impacting their relationships with themselves, their partners, and their children.

I've been there, I understand, that's why I'm creating books, podcasts, articles, healing programs, and a blog packed with proven tips and strategies to help you tackle the challenges of life with multiples, as well as real-life stories from families with multiples, and advice from multiple birth experts.

Also, I have created The Pregnancy & Birth Trauma Healing Lounge where mums meet to heal the scars on their hearts. We have regular meditation sessions, workshops, masterclasses, and lounge chats with guests.🧘🏻‍♀️🔮

Join us here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Let me guide you, as you lean on my experiences, the wisdom of other parents of multiples, caregivers, and experts to create less stress and more joy during and after your multiple pregnancy.

Much Love,

SallyB 🌸✨🦋


Support • Guidance • Reassurance • Experience

Heal Pregnancy & Birth Trauma!

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